In 2016, the Irish and people of Irish ancestry around the world mark the Centenary of the 1916 Easter Rising in Ireland.   Pittsburgh is a part of this global commemoration through Easter 1916: Pittsburgh Remembers.

Groups and individuals from throughout the region have joined to commemorate those pivotal events in Ireland and to honor the individuals behind them 100 years ago.  The goal is to ensure that this chapter in Ireland’s history is not forgotten among present and future generations of Irish-Americans. More useful information on this issue can be found at https://writemy.io/

The purpose of this Pittsburgh project is to enhance understanding of the history, the current situation and Ireland, and the possibilities for the future here. This information will be especially useful for those who work on a project dedicated to Ireland. Need Custom Writing Service to cope with it faster? Find it online.

With this in mind, the Pittsburgh Easter Rising 1916 Committee is hosting a series of events and activities, all focused on education, dialogue and commemoration of the Rising and what it meant. The aforementioned focus on education is further explained at villagevoice.com where you can find a ton of info on paper writing.


Banner Image Credits: Dublin City Library & Archive; and the National Library of Ireland